About The Vapor Club

Our Story

My name is Corina, and I am part owner of the Vapor Club.  My Dad, Jay and I opened the Vapor Club in October of 2013. 

Due to the improvement vapor products helped us make in our lives, and the lives of our other family members, we were so passionate and excited to open a store where we could potentially help so many others.  I could literally think of nothing else once the idea hit me that this is what I wanted to do, and with so much support from our family we opened our shop in record time. 

What has happened in the years since has been nothing short of amazing!  While we thought we were just opening a store, it has become so much more than that.   It’s family and friends.  It’s community.  It’s a hangout.  It’s people helping people. 

We have made so many friends, our customers become our friends, our suppliers have become friends.  Our customers become friends with each other.  It became our slogan… Vape With Friends. 

With all of that said, we are still store and make an effort to stock a wide variety of products from starter kits to the latest and greatest advanced devices.  We keep and a wide variety of ever-changing menu of e-liquid flavors in stock.  And we offer a special order service for anything you need that you don’t see already on our shelf, if we can locate it for you we will be happy to do so!  That includes hardware, e-liquids (to include other flavors, larger sizes, or different nicotine levels), or accessories.

As a business, of course, our goal is to make a living for ourselves, but we aim to do so the right way.   That means we won’t just try to sell you things with our bottom line in mind.  We try and tailor our recommendations by listening to your wants, needs, and your budget in mind. 

That also means when you have a problem with your purchase, we make decisions about how we can best help you on a case by case basis, not by a strict store policy.  We do have guidelines, but we offer flexibility to ensure we are taking the best care of those people that support us.  That doesn’t mean we can just do anything, but that we do everything we can to be fair to you and ourselves at the same time. 

We aim to make our living by earning your repeat business and the referrals of your family and friends. 

This article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our employees. 

Wes joined us a few years ago and has since become a vital part of our team, an officially adopted member of our family, and became our store manager.  He takes amazing care of our customers and our store as if it were his own.  Our appreciation for him and his family run deep!

Brandon has more recently joined our team, but has gotten up to speed quickly and is doing an all around great job taking care of our customers and doing anything else he’s asked to do.  We appreciate finding people like this to help us make this store a better place. 

We couldn’t do what we do without these amazing team members.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!  We hope you’ll find time to stop by and see us soon.  Looking forward to it!